About Ronn Savala

The Savala philosophy towards hair is 'the less is more' approach. "Every individual has specific desires for their hair. We help you accomplish those desires by incorporating knowledge, talent and exceptional products- the end result is beautiful, healthy hair. Having practiced and educated in the art of hair color for over 30 years, corrective hair color is my specialty.

Savala's clientele includes a wide range of individuals -- professionals to those who just want to look their best. Ronn Savala focuses on style, not trends, because a trend comes and goes, but your personal style is eternal."

Why feature Keune and Repêchage?

"The professional products we feature on this site feature only the highest quality ingredients. Don't be fooled by other fancy name brands that claim to include 'healthy natural ingredients.' Keune and Repêchage products are manufactured under strict guidelines in one facility for consistent quality and are family owned, not by large conglomerations. Customer satisfaction is rated extremely high. Research and development - not trends - is the key to these two companies success."

Request for Education:

If you or your Salon are interested in learning more about Ronn Savala's color techniques please contact us for educational bookings. Phone: 626.281.4133